When I was working on aluminum parts for a big sailing yacht in my workshop, a good-humored Irish man stepped in with his 7-year-old son holding his father’s right hand. The boy looked around and was fascinated by the rough, shiny material and the large machines. He was surprised that such a beautiful and special product was made with these machines, in combination with the necessary craftsmanship. In the meantime, his father and I discussed the tender, which would be entirely built according to his wishes. The hull would not be sprayed, but polished, which means that there is a matt silver glow all over the boat. After the outlines were discussed I shook hands with both men. When they both crossed the threshold, the young man asked his father: “Daddy when do we visit the silverman again?”

The name Z I L V E R M A N (Dutch) was born!


Our craftsmen are driven by their passion to develop themselves and take Zilverman to a higher level everyday. Every piece of your Zilverman is handmade and crafted with a passionate heart for sailing and watersports. From our employees who build the hull to the men of the upholstery, they all have an eye for details. These are the details that make every Zilverman a unique piece of art. For us it is a great journey to discover the particular wishes of our clients and deliver them a quality boat that lives up to their expectations.

The journey begins at our hull workshop where our certified welders start with a puzzle of aluminium. When the hull is finished the skilled mechanics install all the electronics and give the Zilverman its beating V6 or V8 heart. The carpenter takes care of the quality decking and creates a comfortable cabin for sleep. The detailed upholstery is the finishing touch as we deliver you a luxury boat that meets the highest standards, fully customized to its owner’s wishes.