We designed two ZM800s that can be fitted with outboard engines. When you like to show off your powerful outboard engines, you can attach two of them behind the swimming platform. This gives the boat a powerful appearance and you can keep the normal lay-out of a Zilverman 800. When you prefer to keep the outboard engine out of sight, we can lift the sunbed and place it where you normally find the inboard engine. To give a bit of extra space we added a spoiler to extend the sunbathing area. This model is expected to launch in spring 2021. You can equip this eye-catcher with 175 HP up to 300 HP

zilverman 800 outboard


A Zilverman not only has a powerful appearance but also powerful motorization. Our engine partner is mercury marine, they provide a wide range of quality engines who are compact and very powerful. We choose for Mercury cause it is a established brand and they provide worldwide service. When a client prefers a different engine brand such as Volvo or Yanmar contact us and we will make it fit.